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"I just got a nice gig for a band concert of Brazilian jazz. Not only did they find me on this site, but they knew exactly what they would be getting because of the new music samples. This gig more than pays for the cost of the listings. Thanks again, Steve & Steve." — Matt, 2/08

"I would like to thank you guys. In the time I've been listed the number of gigs doubled. Now that I sponsor and listed at the top I'm doing so much more." — Kenny, 2/08

"I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the fantastic stuff you do for me and the musician community in this area! I'm really floored by the incredibly wonderful service you offer!" — Marji, 2/07

" is an excellent site for local musicians! Thanks to you and your partner for all the time and effort you put in to making the site what it is!!" — Gavin, 11/03

"You have the Hudson Valley's best centralized music source." — Patrick, 2/02

"I just want to tell you how much I enjoy It is a wonderful site and thank you for creating and maintaining it. I used it recently to advertise my own gig and I found it very quick and easy to use - and free!!!" — Patrick, 4/00

Hi and thanx so much for this site...I found it, I liked it , I put our studio on the services page." — Rick, 7/99

"You have a great site!! Thank you for doing this for local music!" — John, 2/99

"It is a great site with excellent layout and ease of use! thx" — Nick, 1/99

"You guys are the greatest!" — Bar, Vickie, Mindy

"Thanks for a great web site. I posted our upcoming event. I hope you get max support and's very easy to use. Thanks again...we'll have more!" — Gordon, 10/98

"Your website causes me much pain. Browsing it, I miss my homeland along the Hudson! Thanks for providing this. I'm already planning my family visit around your concert postings." — Michael, Alaska, 8/98

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