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Practical Handbook for the Working Musician

Over the coming months, we'll be featuring a series of articles by local musician Mike Mindel. If you're a working musician or just aspiring to be, we think you'll find these articles interesting and informative. After reading them, perhaps you'll find you have your own thoughts or maybe some questions for follow-up discussion. If so, we invite you to share your ideas on our Musicians Discussion Board.

Posted Title Description
05/99 More Positive Thinking for the Working Musician Don't read this article-- hot licks and a bad attitude is all you need.
04/99 Auditioning for a Band Some do's and don'ts from an experienced perspective.
03/99 Positive Thinking for the Working Musician Mindsets and perspectives to guide you in your musical pursuits.
02/99 Studio Time, Part 2 Part 2: Continuing where we left off in part 1.
01/99 Studio Time, Part 1 Part 1: Some things to know before you head off to the studio
12/98 Techniques to
Get Through a Gig
So, the band has just launched into a song you thought you knew...
11/98 Learning Tunes Efficiently Part 2: Chords and Notes
10/98 Learning Tunes Efficiently Part 1: Song Form
9/98 When in Rome... Don't Roam The art and wisdom of playing appropriately.

Note: These articles first appeared in Rhythm and News Magazine. Thanks to George Fletcher (R&N publisher) for his support of their publication here. Please check out the Rhythm and News Website when you get a chance!

About Mike Mindel

Mike has been playing keyboards professionally since 1979. He has been a full-time musician since 1992. Mike currently runs and plays in a number of bands:
  1. Bill's Toupee, a four 'piece' group, known as the best sounding band in the Hudson Valley.
  2. Blue Law, signed to S.Y.M.E. International and Polygram/Grapevine in 1992. Headlined the 25th Anniversary of the Belguim Woodstock and did a month long tour the UK in 1994.
  3. Virtual Jazz Quartet, a 2 piece group with keys and sax, with hand sequenced bass and drums.
  4. Table for Tunes, a 2 piece 'dinner music' keyboard-vocal group with Maria B. Hickey.
Mike has also played with other regional bands, including Silk & Sounds (for 15 years), Soul System, Celebration, and Eddie U and The Turns. He has also played with The Drifters, The Coasters, The Platters, Lowell Fulson and Bo Diddley.

Mike's business, Michael Alan Music, does regional/national jingles and commercial scoring, digital arranging & orchestrating (sequencing) for hire, music for singers and songwriters without bands for song demos, and keyboard lessons.

Mike would welcome your comments and ideas and can be contacted at or you can go to the Contact Bill's Toupee page for a phone number, mailing address, or online form you can use to send Mike a message.