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Darn That Dream: Solo Piano Vol. 1
Acoustic, Jazz, and Contemporary
Neil Alexander

My very first solo piano CD. Inspired by lots of people. Some Notes: The idea of making a solo piano record is not new for me. It goes back to 1978, when I found myself alone in a sunlight room at Hampshire College in Massachusetts. I played for what felt like hours. I was 18.

“Darn That Dream” is in fact about this dream – my dream of recording solo piano music. I wanted to strike a balance between my own personal style, a contemporary classical aesthetic and more traditional jazz approach, using the harmonic concepts that I’ve been developing over the last few years. But it was only when I got past the fear of not it being technically perfect that I was able to record music that genuinely reflects my personal musical vision.

The finished CD is a blend of original music, some favorite jazz compositions and a handful of improvisations. There is a web page with lots more info at: Thanks!

Released: March, 2013
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