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"The Golden Rules"
by Philip H. Farber

Artist: Jack De Pietro
Album: The Golden Rules
Label: Rose Hill Records
Rating: ***1/2 (out of 5)

From the wilds of northern Dutchess County comes a fine new album from Jack De Pietro, a vocalist with a clean touch on the guitar, a knack for creating uplifting and creative songs, and a band featuring some of the area's best musicians.

For this recording, "The Golden Rules," De Pietro works with bassist Graham Maby (recently of They Might Be Giants), celebrated pianist Warren Bernhardt, rhythm guitarist Chuck Loeb, drummer Gary Burke, and vocalists Amy Fradon and Anne Lang. The result is as tasty as you might expect with straight forward songs that are influenced by country at one end of the spectrum, to soul and even new age music at the other end.

De Pietro's approach is unpretentious; his voice is clear, his arrangements are pleasingly simple (or, at least, he makes them seem that way), and the result is always pleasing to listen to. His lyrics are spiritual in an innocent way that, again, makes no pretense to being anything else. Give this one a listen when you are down, it's a mood lifter.

Philip H. Farber is a freelance writer who lives in the Hudson Valley. He writes for a variety of area publications, including the Kingston Daily Freeman and the Woodstock Times, as well as national magazines, books, web sites and anyplace else that will offer him money or gratification.
He can be reached at

Posted on March 17, 1998

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