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Rhinebeck School of Music
Rhinebeck School of Music was founded by Erin Hobson and Karl Allweier, who have been teaching private lessons in the Hudson Valley for two decades. The goal was a musical learning center, giving students and musicians, an opportunity to grow a bigger idea. The result has been the creation of a new school, with the hope of bringing together a community for all kinds of players.

The school offers lessons on a variety of instruments, including guitar, bass, ukulele, mandolin, drums, percussion, piano, voice, violin, flute, trumpet, trombone, and saxophone, with ongoing classes in songwriting, vocal harmony, music theory, and ensemble playing in Rock, Jazz, and Blues.

Our instructors teach a range of instruments and styles. Their varied approaches cover musical genres from Classical, Jazz, and Blues, to Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, and World Music. Some follow a formal syllabus, while others tailor their lessons to the desires of the student.

The schoolís philosophy is making learning music accessible and not intimidating. Total beginners, as well as serious and advanced students are welcome. We are committed to helping students achieve their goals, big or small. Whether you are a hobbyist or seriously considering a career in music, we can help you.

Classes include private study, group study, and workshops, including ensembles. All can be flexible to the needs and aspirations, and schedules of students. Learning music should be FUN, inspiring, and something to look forward to.

Rhinebeck School of Music is located right off of Route 9, in the vicinity of Williamís Lumber and Delís Dairy Cream. Itís a convenient spot for those commuting from Red Hook, Rhinebeck, Hyde Park, Staatsburg, Tivoli, Germantown, Milan, and Pine Plains areas. Itís easily accessible from the main road and parking is spacious.

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Contact Rhinebeck School of Music
Location: Dutchess County, NY
Phone: (845) 876-1998

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