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Lead Guitar Needed for Popular Remote Cover Band
Any 40+ male lead guitarists interested in joining a *live in real time* remote-only cover band? We have an opening for lead guitar (ideally with vocals, but not crucial) and are beginning the audition process soon.

To be clear, this isnít a recording project where people do their parts alone and we edit them together later. Weíre making music together live in real time like any other band. Weíre just doing it from home.

So there are now five of us playing from four locations in real time. All you need is an audio interface like a Scarlett or Presonus, a wired Ethernet connection (WiFi is too slow), and to download the free Jamulus software, which is a platform designed specifically for musicians to play together all over the world.

Essentially, if you sit around for a few hours a week at home playing for fun already, you could do that logged in with us rehearsing and doing livestream gigs for our audience. We donít do it for money because we just enjoy playing together, but the last gig we did we made $300 in tips in about an hour and raised about $3k for a childrenís charity the gig before that. So thereís potentially some pocket change in the mix as well, but itís not really a money gig.

We do covers from 70s up, mostly 70s-90s, but not always the same stuff you hear in bars. Mix of genres. I send interested folks a partial set list to get an idea of what we do. The question we get most is about audience. We have a huge global following on social media (10k plus) and a core fan base of mostly other musicians who watch everything we do. I run a massive indie music community on Facebook, so weíre tapped into a lot of supportive folks.

This is a high fun, low time commitment gig. One two hour weekly rehearsal. One hour longish gig every 6-8 weeks. All from home with cool people. Would be a great setup for someone who loves to play with people, but doesnít have the time or inclination to bust their hump with commuting, load in/out, setup, breakdown, getting home at 3am for $50 at a bar. We did that for a lot of years and itís definitely got its upside, but this does, too.

If playing with cool people from home a few hours a week sounds good to you or youíre curious to know more, you can check us out at voxandstix dot com and Iím happy to answer any questions about our setup and what we do.

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Location: Westchester County, NY

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