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Welcome to HVmusic. We showcase the diverse musicians in the Hudson Valley, and YOU provide the content. Add your FREE listings and classifieds.
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Guitar or Keyboard Players Wanted
Bassist, Drummer looking for guitar player and or keyboard player for soon to be working blues and classic rock band. Vocals help but not a deal breaker. We will be leaning more towards blues but will also do some classic rock. We're looking for players that are willing to do a few rehearsals to tighten up the project. Must be well versed in blues and classic rock. If you're playing with several bands already that probably won't work. We need someone who wants to play with just one band. Also NO EGOS!!! We want this to be a fun project. If you have special financial needs (I.E. "I need to make at least $100 per gig") that most likely won't work either. I will always try to get the most money per gig but I can't guarantee a specific amount. Lastly be a team player. I promise you will like the end result with the band. Call, email or text me and we can talk. Thanks for looking!!!

Contact Information
Location: Ulster County, NY
Phone: (714) 3093848

Posted by: vinyl_5cc
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