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Chris Pellnat  ... is a Singer-Songwriter performing Alternative, Acoustic, and Singer-Songwriter music.

His music is a bit off-kilter and veers into surprising directions. Chris' song craft rests on strong melody and lyrics that, even when dealing with serious topics, sometimes have an element of playful cleverness. He likes to use unusual instrumentation including vibraphone and clarinet.

Here's what some music writers have said about Chris:

"Every song, every bit of music on this album is clearly done with a full spectre of love, sincerity and without masks or egos" --Kai Nobuko, Yeah I Know it Sucks blog

"The dude’s a songwriter. A talented one." --
Geoff Wilbur's Music Blog

"His quirkiness is what sets him apart from so many other people making music today." -- Bloggerhythms music blog

"Chris Pellnat's (The Warp / The Weft) solo full length "Rain" while steeped in a lot of classic folk sounds does feel a bit twisted. A 50's big band sound done folk style might jump behind one curtain and 60's psychedelia might stir behind another. On the track Hold Me Now, the musical mix feels like art rock meets an Italian Gothic movie circa 1978. The dramatic down beats, the pearly keys, timpani drums and vibraphone feels whimsical and askew at the same time. Pellnat's earnest roots folk vocal aesthetic anchors it, keeping it from melting over like a Salvador Dali painting. " -- Robb Curtius, American Pancake music blog

"Le nouvel album de Chris Pellnat s’appelle Rain, mais il n’est pas synonyme de grisaille ou de morosité. Au contraire, cet album est ensoleillé, joyeux, vivant, sonne So british alors que l’homme est américain. Paradoxale ? Peut-être. Mais on adore !"
-- Litzic blog

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Location: Columbia County, NY


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