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Pages on the Tuned-In site featuring RealAudio Samples

Artists on this Site

Songs from Bar Scott's albums confession and silence is broken
Selections from Danielle Woerner's She Walks in Beauty
Songs from Vickie Russell's album As Written
Songs from Jack De Pietro's albums The Golden Rules and Inner Voices
Listen to Bill's Toupee
Songs from Pete Santora's album WWW.ebsters
Listen to the Lost Dog Woody band

Current/Previous CD Giveaways

Songs from Leslie Ritter and Scott Petito's album In the Silence
Songs from Dan Simon's album The Hippie Chronicles
Songs from Mark Teamaker's album Lust for Wanda
Songs from Celange's album Bloozers, Boozers, & Loozers
Songs from Mojosmoke's album Pull
Songs from Jim Weider and the Honky Tonk Guru's album Big Foot
Songs from The Outpatients' album Break Out the Cheez
Songs from John Hall's album Recovered
Songs from T.G. Vanini's album Growth & Gravity
Songs from Blue Law's album Gonna Getcha
Songs from Gradie Stone's album After All These Years
Songs from Ash Can Flash's album Nothing's as Real
Songs from Older than Dirt's album Older than Dirt

RealAudio on Tuned-In

Tuned-In uses RealAudio to deliver audio sound clips to your workstation. This process allows you to hear audio samples within a few seconds of selecting the sample at levels of quality near or equal to the original. Many browsers now automatically provide the RealAudio player. If your's doesn't, we recommend you take the fast five minutes it takes to install the free RealAudio player. Here's how. In addition to Tuned-In, there are many sites that use RealAudio to offering recorded and live music or live radio or television broadcasts. It will be well worth the few minutes of your time!

RealAudio Links

How to Get Your Audio Demos on Tuned-In

If you have recordings of your music that you'd like to offer on Tuned-In, we'd like to help you out. Let us know. We can convert your music from practically any source into RealAudio format. If you have an album you'd like to feature in our CD Give-away, and if you qualify, we'll feature between one to three of your songs on Tuned-In in exchange for your donating a couple of albums we can give away. Otherwise, for a very reasonable fee (note to non-profit groups), we'll convert your music into RealAudio and offer it on Tuned-In. We won't charge you for our services converting your music, but audio files use a lot of storage that we have to pay for on a monthly basis, so we need to pass that cost on to you. If you shop around, you'll find that our costs are lower than any other comparable service.

Note to non-profit groups: To help promote non-profit groups, we will waive our fee for this service if your group qualifies and if our budget allows.