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Real Audio Tips

If you encounter a problem that is not described here, or you find that any of the information below is not clear, is inaccurate, or can be improved, please let us know. Thanks!

If the RealAudio Player gave you an error message, you can find more information about it's cause and solution on RealAudio's Errors Page.

Problem What you can do about it
Netscape says "You have started to download a file of type audio/x-pn-realaudio" This means that you do not have a RealAudio player installed. Netscape doesn't know what to do with the file that you have asked it to download. Go install the RealAudio player.
RealAudio Player says "file is not a RealAudio file" Versions of the RealAudio player earlier than 3.0 will not recognize the Tuned-In audio demos. You need to get version 3.0 or newer of the RealAudio player.
The file is downloaded but is not played. Your browser may be downloading the audio file instead of opening it. If you are prompted whether to "open" or "save the file to disk", select to open the file.
Interruptions during the demo If you are connected to the internet at less than 28.8K, you may experience interruptions in the demo. This is because RealAudio cannot receive the sound file fast enough to keep up.

One way to help this is to press the "pause" button on the RealAudio player once the song starts playing. Wait about 15 seconds, then press pause again to resume playing the song.

Sound quality is poor Some deterioration in sound is a normal result of compressing the file in order to deliver it over the internet. This will be better or worse depending on the source of the original recording. For example, DAT tape and CDs will provide highest quality. Cassette tapes will produce poorer quality, particularly if the recording is not directly from the original.
Other Problems Click here to read the RealAudio troubleshooting page, and ask technical questions.