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Here's How to Get and Install the RealAudio Player

(Last updated 12/5/98)
Please Note: We are not officially associated with the RealAudio site and are providing this information for the convenience of our visitors. We try to keep it current, but should you find it is out of date, we'd sure appreciate if you'd send us a note to let us know. Thanks!
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Choose one of these options...

Option 1

Get Free RealPlayer G2

This is the simplest and is probably all you'll ever need. It plays live and on-demand RealAudio and RealVideo and It will do a great job of playing the audio demos on Tuned-In. It's free to download from Real Audio.

Option 2

Get RealPlayer Plus G2

Plays audio and video like RealPlayer. Also includes enhanced features like preset buttons (like your car radio), record feature, scan stations, and phone support. It will cost you $29.99 to get it, but you might find it worth it.

Option 3

An earlier version of RealAudio or RealPlayer

Some older operating systems cannot run the newer RealPlayers. This link will take you to the RealAudio Player Archives where you can download older versions.

Important Note to Mac Users:
The first preview release of RealPlayer G2 for Macintosh is scheduled to be available by the end of December 1998. Until then, click here for the earlier 5.0 version of RealPlayer or RealPlayer Plus.
I'm confused, how do I decide?

If you're not sure then go with option 1 ('cause it's free!). For a comparison of the two, If you would like to first know more about both versions, click here to get a rundown of features and comparison of both players.