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Gary Alexander is an independent journalist and scholar whose focus of interests range through a variety of disciplines. Under various names, he has written (and ghost written) upon history and current event; science and technology, as well as music and the arts in books and for national periodicals. While particularly attentive to the subtle and complex impact upon cultural imagination and contemporary structures of presumption which activity in the above mentioned topics tend to have, Alexander treats his topics with a slightly more than occasional resort to humor.

In assembling this selection of musical profiles and reviews for the web, drawn mostly from local publications (primarily the Daily Freeman, Woodstock Journal and Woodstock Times), it is Gary Alexander's hope that it might serve as a modest contribution toward a collective portrait of the everyday musicians, writers and artists whose too often unsung efforts help, daily, to forge a cultural identity for this region, keeping alive remnants of musical creativity upon their own individual levels in an era wherein corporate culture seeks to mold a glob.


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