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Photos of
Falcon Ridge Folk Festival 2000

Photos by Ray G. Ring




An early crowd settles in on Long Hill at Falcon Ridge 2000  


Texan songster Jimmy LaFave,
onstage at Falcon Ridge 2000,
returns this year.

LaFave and friend
on the Falcon Ridge midway

The amazing Canadian group, Moxie Fruvus,
compose an on-the-spot-song
about the weekend's events at falcon ridge.  


Singer-songwriter Jean Bratman
on the main stage

Songwriter Vance Gilbert,
on the main stage, returns in 2001


The Nields, return this year [2001].
(Also on stage: John Gorka, Patty Larkin and Janis Ian)  


A winning smile and...

...a wagging tail at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.

Songwriter Cliff Eberhardt
relaxes in the shade

Gary Alexander is an independent journalist and scholar whose focus of interests range through a variety of disciplines. Under various names, he has written (and ghost written) upon history and current event; science and technology, as well as music and the arts in books and for national periodicals. While particularly attentive to the subtle and complex impact upon cultural imagination and contemporary structures of presumption which activity in the above mentioned topics tend to have, Alexander treats his topics with a slightly more than occasional resort to humor.

Posted on July 20, 2001

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