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Reservoir Music Notes
April 18, 2013

Water has finally found it’s own level in the Rock n Roll world! Ted Nugent is touring with REO Speedwagon and Styx! I suppose it should come as no surprise, as Tommy Shaw of Styx was in Damn Yankees with Nugent, but the point I’m making, is that as much as The Nuge has the Motor City Madman image, he’s really more at home with bands from the Midwest who sing in high voices, like REO and Styx! The Nuge is bottom billed, and here’s why.

The Nuge is a great guitar player, but in my opinion, is not a much bigger star because of the quality of his songwriting, which is not really very good, with a few notable exceptions! One of the most memorable shows I’ve ever seen was Damn Yankees at a private party at The China Club in Manhattan, where they performed a series of Chuck Berry, Rolling Stones, and Beatles tunes. Awesome show! I’ve seen The Nuge on his own, and nothing came close to that show! Why? Songwriting! He showed me he’s a great guitar player, but he also showed me he’s not a songwriter!

Now, “Journey to the Center of your Mind”, the second Amboy Dukes single, (and their only hit), was written by Nugent and The Dukes’ other guitarist, Steve Farmer, and that is a great song! It shows that Farmer and Nugent could have been a great songwriting team, in the style of Lennon and McCartney, where one brings the pop and one brings the rock, and the combination somehow results in the best of both worlds! But apparently, Farmer and Nugent couldn’t get on the same wavelength, and the group broke up in 1973. Other than “Journey to the Center of your Mind”, most of the Dukes material was written by Farmer!

Anyway, enough about The Nuge, who, according to his own statements, will soon be dead or in jail, as he famously stated in 2012 that if President Obama is re-elected, he will be dead or in jail within a year! Bet you didn’t know that about The Nuge! I wonder if the FBI or Secret Service felt the need to investigate that! Haven’t heard anything about it!

 In other news, The Rolling Stones, who are great songwriters, just announced 18 more dates for their 50th Anniversary Tour. New York got theirs already, so there are no New York shows! The closest they’ll come is Boston and Philadelphia! If you want tickets, you’ll have to cash in your retirement account. Top price is close to $1000 and premium packages range from $1200 to $2000! And that’s for ONE ticket, not a pair! Having seen them at the height of their career many times, you will not ever find me paying that kind of money to see a band in the twilight of their career! But, if you’ve never seen them, and you’ve got the dough, this will probably be your last chance! How do you top a 50th anniversary tour?

Okay, I’m way past my deadline, so let’s get to the live music picks, so this column can make it into the paper this week.

Well, that wraps up another week. Have a good one!

Fred Perry is the owner of Reservoir Music Center on Route 28 in Kingston, and founding member of Alt-Country supergroup, The Brooklyn Cowboys, is from a 3rd generation musical family and lives in the Hudson Valley, where he does what he can to promote live music.

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